Aphex Twin promotes both new album and Tor through Deep Web publicity push


In what must surely be the best advert for Tor yet, the elusive electronic music maestro Aphex Twin has announced his new album Syro — his first in 13 years — through a webpage that can only be viewed through the anonymizing network. Those who haven’t downloaded the Tor Browser can still view a similar page in a boring old non-anonymizing browser, but all they’ll get is the information about their ISP and IP address, not the track-listing nor album title. The Tor-only .onion page is part of the “Deep Web”, a below-the-surface scene of hidden services that can’t be crawled by normal search engines.



RIchard D James the Mozart of aerial/ambient has a new album !?!?!?!?! This dude is a musical genius who always stays on the bleeding edge. I’m not quite sure how this is promoting tor if you listen to Aphex Twin you probably already use it.

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