This 3D-printed mobile wind turbine could end up paying for your 3D printer

What do you get when you combine a cleantech idea, mobility and 3D printing? I suppose you could create lots of different things, but today’s answer to that question is the AirEnergy 3D: A portable wind turbine that you create by printing many of the parts with a 3D printer.

AirEnergy 3D is a Kickstarter project seeking funds, and with 28 days to go it has already crossed the 50 percent funding mark. It has raised £10,597 ($17,726) of its £19,000 goal. The project was started by Omni3d, a 3D printer manufacturer from western Poland that wanted to create a 3D printed product that’s worth more than an actual 3D printer. The turbine is capable of generating up to 300 Watts of power, so over time, an AirEnergy 3D could recoup far more than the cost of a printer.
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Since the turbine itself is made from 3D-printed parts, you can actually tweak or customize the design before printing: Omni3d is making the base plans available. Of course, there are electronics involved to make the turbine work, so you don’t print the full product. Instead, the project will include a type of base station for power management as well as Wi-Fi connectivity so you can monitor production on a smartphone.

AirEnergy 3D backpack

The AirEnergy 3D is also mobile: You can package it up in a special backpack, according to the project page, and move it around to various locations. That means the unit can tag along on trips, be used in remote areas or be placed in different areas based on where the wind currents are most readily available.

Early bird packages with lower funding amounts were snapped up already but there are still some available for £299.