Best Buy outs the Moto 360 price and specs: $249


Credit: Signe Brewster/Gigaom

Over the weekend, retailer Best Buy let it slip that the Moto 360 will retail for $249.99. The product page launched earlier than Motorola’s planned September 4 event to introduce the Android Wear smartwatch and has since been pulled. Droid Life spotted it on Sunday and snapped this image of the product page, which also shows detailed specifications:


There’s little here that’s actually a surprise — it’s more of a confirmation of previously leaked information. The $249 price was already assumed by many, for example, due to a [company]Motorola[/company] contest for the watch. In the fine print of the contest rules, the watch was valued at $249. We also knew that the watch would be voice activated since the Android Wear platform works with voice commands.

There’s mention of adjustable screen brightness which could mean an integrated ambient light sensor. Neither the Samsung Gear Live nor the LG G-Watch offer that. However, both of those have a manual setting for brightness for customization; it’s possible that the Moto 360 simply has the same. The Gear Live also has an optical heart rate monitor, and although I haven’t seen one on the Moto 360, it appears it will have one as well.

dock and charger, which we know is a wireless charging device Moto 360 dock

As far as the price is concerned, it’s generally what I expected after seeing all three Android Wear watches at [company]Google[/company] I/O in June. I assumed a higher price compared to the other two, mainly because of the round display and because, as I said at the time, “The Moto 360 screams premium” based on its fit and finish. I don’t know what it’s costing Motorola to build the device, but I think it’s a fair price for what you get and I’m looking forward to trying one on my wrist.


sathish rao

“The Moto 360 screams premium” ? It does not appear so in the last picture shown above. doesn’t it look like a typical plastic sports watch ?

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