Use The Force (and this app) to control a phone using Android Wear gestures


With a new Star Wars movie filming, it’s only fitting to bring up that mystical power called “The Force.” Kiwi, a new app in the Google Play Store lets you use The Force, as well as other gestures, to control a connected smartphone with a watch running Android Wear software.

Kiwi Force left

The app monitors gestures through the sensors in a [company]Google[/company] Android Wear smartwatch, and you can assign those gestures to certain tasks. For the moment, there are only a few control options, such as declining an incoming call, playing/pausing a music track or playing a previous track on the phone. Since everyone is different, the app lets you adjust the motion sensitivity. If you’d rather not look like a Jedi Master, you can opt to use an up or down karate chop to initiate tasks: Luke Skywalker or Bruce Lee then; it’s your choice.

Kiwi Android Wear

Although it has just a few remote control actions for now, I could easily see the developers adding more options in the future. Perhaps a page turn or scroll action, for example, or a way to silence your phone’s alarm.


Rann Xeroxx

This is very cool. Ha, was just listening to a podcast about the new Star Wars land being considered for Disney Studios at Walt Disney World in Orlando and they plan to have areas where if you stand in them and do certain gestures, something happens (by using the force). Same tech is being used in Universal at the Harry Potter lands with wands.

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