Use The Force (and this app) to control a phone using Android Wear gestures

With a new Star Wars movie filming, it’s only fitting to bring up that mystical power called “The Force.” Kiwi, a new app in the Google Play Store lets you use The Force, as well as other gestures, to control a connected smartphone with a watch running Android Wear software.

Kiwi Force left

The app monitors gestures through the sensors in a [company]Google[/company] Android Wear smartwatch, and you can assign those gestures to certain tasks. For the moment, there are only a few control options, such as declining an incoming call, playing/pausing a music track or playing a previous track on the phone. Since everyone is different, the app lets you adjust the motion sensitivity. If you’d rather not look like a Jedi Master, you can opt to use an up or down karate chop to initiate tasks: Luke Skywalker or Bruce Lee then; it’s your choice.

Kiwi Android Wear

Although it has just a few remote control actions for now, I could easily see the developers adding more options in the future. Perhaps a page turn or scroll action, for example, or a way to silence your phone’s alarm.