Russian prime minister’s Twitter account hacked — no, he’s not quit to become a photographer

Medvedev Twitter

Someone took control of the Twitter account of Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday morning, sending out a flurry of tweets suggesting that the Russian prime minister was fed up with President Putin and that he was quitting to become a freelance photographer.

The Russian-language account was hacked shortly after 10am local time, the Moscow Times suggested. Medvedev’s English-language account was unaffected, and by the time of writing, a few hours after the hack, the tweets had been deleted.

“I am resigning. I am embarrassed by the actions of the government. Forgive me,” one tweet read. Another declared: “Crimea is not ours. Please retweet.” According to RT, “Medvedev” also tweeted that he’d “still be a freelance photographer.” “I’ve been longing to say this. Vova [Putin]! You are wrong!” another tweet declared.

“The circumstances surrounding the hacking are as yet unknown. All the necessary technical steps have been taken to minimize the consequences of the hacking,” a statement from the Kremlin press service read, according to the Moscow Times.


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