Wearable Widgets puts nearly any phone widget on Android Wear smartwatches

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The first smartwatches powered by Google’s(s goog) Android Wear are available, with a third option expected soon. There are only a few dozen applications supported on the wearable devices at this point, however. Developers have to tweak their existing Android apps, or create new ones entirely, for the Samsung Gear Live, LG G-Watch and Moto 360. That’s why an app called Wearable Widgets looks interesting to me right now: With it, you can take nearly any of the thousands of existing Android widgets and put them on your wrist.

The free, third-party app already did this for earlier Android-powered smartwatches, such as the Sony Smartwatch and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, as well as for Google Glass. Now it does the same for Android Wear devices. You simply install Wearable Widgets on your phone, which in turn installs a companion app on an Android Wear watch. Using the app on your handset, you then select which of your phone widgets you want to appear on your watch. Here’s what Wearable Widgets looks on a Galaxy Gear:

Like many of the current Android Wear apps, Wearable Widgets requires a Bluetooth connection between devices: Leave your phone at home and widgets on your watch won’t be updated. And the app is a public beta. Why? Because it acts like an Android Wear watch face and Google hasn’t finalized the API for those, although it is in the works.

Even with that limitation on this workaround, the concept can make that Android Wear smartwatch a bit more useful, with at-a-glance information for nearly any Android widget that currently exists, ranging from apps for weather to messaging to social networks.

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