Lyft: Uber employees have ordered and canceled 5,560 Lyft rides


If you thought some of Uber’s previous competitive tricks against Lyft were shady — like its “shave the ‘stache” campaign or its $500 bonus to drivers who switch from Lyft to Uber — wait until you get a hold of the latest. Uber employees across the country have ordered and cancelled 5,560 Lyft rides in the last ten months, according to a CNN story. The number comes from Lyft itself, which matched cancellation data with the phone numbers of “known” Uber recruiters. There is no evidence that Uber’s corporate HQ knew some of its employees were doing this, but it echoes a similar scandal it faced in January when Uber employees ordered and cancelled 100 rides with one of its competitors in New York — Gett.



How many rides were canceled by lyft drivers in the same time period?

Amanda Gant

Time for me to STOP using Uber for good. This is it. Lyft all the way.

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