Gigaom meetup: Talk, learn and hear about the future of AI and deep learning


We at Gigaom have been covering the commercial rise of machine learning for years, and activity in the space has now reached a fevered pitch. So rather than just write about it, we decided to bring the space to our readers in real life with a meetup featuring some of the top minds in the space, experts in fields such as artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Here are the confirmed speakers:

  • Oren Etzioni (Allen Institute for AI)
  • Andrew Ng (Baidu, Coursera, Stanford)
  • John Platt (Microsoft Research)
  • Johan Schalkwyk (Google)
  • Jeremy Howard (Enlitic)
  • Adam Gibson (Skymind)
  • Bobby Jaros (Yahoo Labs)
  • Benjamin Recht (UC Berkeley / AMPLab)
  • Pete Warden (Google / Jetpac)

Here are the logistical details:

  • Date: Sept. 17, 2014
  • Time: 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Location: Tagged headquarters (848 Battery St., San Francisco, CA 94111)


There will be two-plus hours of great content, as well as time for cocktails, networking and audience Q&A. Attendance is free, but space is limited to about 200 people, so register here soon if you want to attend.


John C. Havens

Are you planning any East Coast versions of this event? Lineup is amazing.

Itso Stefanov

Hi Derrick,
Can we watch live remotely or post-event video?

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