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New iPhone part leak: Sorry, the Apple cutout on the back isn’t going to light up

With the expected launch of the newest iPhone(s appl) about one month away, the usual rumor background noise is starting to become a roar. The latest component shots come from Macrumors via Feld & Volk, a Russian company which slathers iPhones in gold for sports stars and tycoons with more money than taste.


There are couple of new details on what appears to be the 4.7-inch shell that we’re seeing for the first time. First, the cutout Apple logo on the back looks like it’s going to be filled not with a backlight but with an embedded metal logo — like the first iPhone. Feld & Volk are saying that it’s made out of a durable, scratch-resistant material.



There’s also a new image showing a external camera ring, which appears to protrude out of the back of the device. If the photo is accurate, that means the newest iPhone could have a longer focal length than the 4.12mm currently found in the iPhone 5S, which in conjunction with its larger sensor meant the device had a wider angle lens than previous iPhones. A longer focal length could mean the newest iPhone has a camera lens closer to being equivalent to 35mm (on a 35mm camera.)

Of course, as with all leaks, take this one with a grain of salt. Feld & Volk say they get access to these pre-production parts because they’ve been working with the same component makers for years as part of their iPhone customization business, but make no mistake, they stand to profit from these photos being spread far and wide. Their previous leak showed a back case without speaker holes, which I found dubious. Still, genuine parts are out there, as production must be ramping up for a September release.

Recode credibly reported earlier this week that Apple is expected to announce the iPhone on September 9, and based on previous patterns, the device will go on sale the following week.


4 Responses to “New iPhone part leak: Sorry, the Apple cutout on the back isn’t going to light up”

  1. This peek-a-boo game of iphone6’s release date is losing its charm now. Its time it should be out now with enough stocks for important markets or else Samsung dear is always there to satiate the thirst of impatient techno geeks … Apple better gets its strategies right for better battery, camera and enough stocks

  2. Michael W. Perry

    Does it matter what this next iPhone will look like? If it follows in the steps of its predecessors, lack of sold protection from falls means that about half the owners will put it inside a case that hides those looks and another 10% or so will adopt a case with an auxiliary battery.

    There’s probably no smartphone on the market whose good looks are concealed more often than an iPhone’s.