Good news for Netflix: Germans already love to stream videos


Credit: gfhdickinson

Netflix (S NFLX) will cater to a receptive audience when it launches in Germany in September: 73 percent of Germnay’s internet users already stream videos online, according to a recent survey by the local tech industry association Bitkom (hat tip to Broadband TV News).

Just over half (53 percent) watch clips on services like YouTube (S GOOG) or Vimeo (S IAC), but 46 percent are also used to catching up on more traditional TV content through broadcasters’ websites. 37 percent watch live video, and 19 percent use on-demand services to watch movies and TV shows.

And video streaming is increasingly becoming a regular habit, with 14 percent of Germany’s internet users watching online every day, and 40 percent doing so multiple times per week. Free services still dominate, with 78 percent saying that they prefer not to pay for their online video fix services, but 17 percent are actually paying for online video services.

Netflix plans to launch in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg in September. The company is already operating in Latin America, Canada, the U.K. and five additional European countries, and had a total of 13.8 million subscribers in its international markets at the end of the last quarter.

Image courtesy of (CC-BY-SA) Flickr user gfhdickinson.

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