Facebook buys PrivateCore to strengthen network security

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Facebook said Thursday that it’s acquiring PrivateCore, a networking security startup whose founders previously held senior engineering positions at VMware and Google, for an undisclosed amount. Facebook said it will integrate PrivateCore’s security smarts into its server stack.

Facebook has been working to secure all network traffic that gets funneled around its data centers, and one way to do so is to use PrivateCore’s vCage technology as a way to protect servers “from persistent malware, unauthorized physical access, and malicious hardware devices,” wrote Joe Sullivan, Facebook chief security officer.

The idea behind the vCage technology is that in typical private or public clouds, thousands of compute nodes are scattered across multiple regions. If just one node were to be infected or tampered with, there’s a chance that the entire cloud infrastructure could be compromised. Having vCage hooked in to the cloud infrastructure will supposedly provide a security blanket that covers and protects all the nodes.

vCage Manager

vCage Manager

Security, as you may have noticed, is a hot topic as of late, with numerous security startups launching or receiving a whole lot of funding. It makes sense for Facebook, which has tons networking infrastructure, to find a startup whose technology aligns with its own. Similarly, Twitter purchased security startup Mitro Labs in late July in order to strengthen password protection.

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