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Pinterest caves to the cool kid trend, launches messaging feature

At long last, a company has come to rescue of consumers everywhere and solved the terrible messaging app drought plaguing the planet! Er…wait. Oh Pinterest. It resisted the peer pressure for so long, but it finally caved. On Wednesday, the social scrapbooking application joined the social masses and introduced messaging to its product. The company explained that it would allow people to have “conversations” around pins. When someone shares a pin with you, you’ll be able to response in kind with another pin or a message. Likewise, Pinterest also enabled group messaging around a pin — helpful for trip planning with a crew. It may be a little late to the party, but rabid Pinterest fans will probably be pleased.

One Response to “Pinterest caves to the cool kid trend, launches messaging feature”

  1. =) phew, i sometimes just love reading something that is such a simple solution to a #FirstWorldProblem … I just wonder if THIS ONE will be The One that will help us save the planet? #containfukushima #fuqafukushima