NFL launches NFL Now video app on mobile, desktop, Xbox, Roku and Fire TV


Football fans will soon have another way to catch up on their team’s games, thanks to a new app from the NFL called NFL Now. The app, which launched Wednesday on the web as well as mobile and connected devices, wants to make NFL action available in a lean-back mode: NFL Now will present viewers with a personalized stream of news, game highlights and long-form videos from NFL Films, which will play continuously. It’s kind of like TV, but with a focus on the teams and games that matter to a viewer.

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At launch, NFL Now will be available on the web as well as on Android, (S GOOG) iOS (S AAPL) and Windows (S MSFT) mobile and tablet devices and Amazon’s (S AMZN) Kindle Fire. The NFL also launched apps on Roku and Amazon Fire TV, and integrated NFL Now into the official NFL app on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. An Apple TV app is scheduled to launch soon, and NFL Now general manager Cory Mummery told me during a call this week that his team is also looking at Chromecast and other connected TV platforms as possible future targets.

Mummery also said that his team is looking to add a lot more content to the service in the near future. The two key focus areas will be long-form — think documentaries and other content that can’t be consumed in just a few minutes — and live, with the latter including press conferences and other live events. “We will have as much live content as we can,” he said.

Some features, including the ability to track game highlights, will only be available to paying members.

Some features, including the ability to track game highlights, will only be available to paying members.

However, not all of that content is going to be free: NFL Now doesn’t require a pay TV subscription, but it will come with a $2-per-month premium tier in the U.S., and the NFL is looking to launch the service in select international markets with a $5 subscription package that would include access to the NFL Redzone in the near future.



I don’t think you realize they are not talking about making games available. That is what cord cutters are waiting for.

Keith Hawn

@Dave: doesnt matter to people like Bill – any news about web or app video is one more head fake to them that “all traditional TV programming content shall be free” hahahahaha NOT


The biggest misconception is that cord-cutters want everything to be free. There is no such expectation. The reason for cutting the cord is control- to be able to choose what you actually want and pay for. That’s why most are chomping at the bit for there to at least be an available option.

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