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MacBooks and iPads off the menu for Chinese government departments, report says

Days after China removed foreign security vendors from its procurement lists for government departments, it has reportedly done the same with Apple(s aapl) products. According to anonymous sources quoted by Bloomberg, iPads and MacBooks were on a June procurement list, but not on the final version in July. Chinese state TV had previously attacked the security of iPhones — the procurement lists don’t cover smartphones, though — and everyone from Microsoft(s msft) to IBM(s ibm) has also come in for official criticism as China and the U.S. spar over hacking and spying. That said, the procurement lists still include HP(s hpq) and Dell devices.

One Response to “MacBooks and iPads off the menu for Chinese government departments, report says”

  1. realjjj

    M$ might be sharing the source code and ,that’s why HP and Dell are alive. M$ does share the code with some govs at least , no idea if with China too and too lazy to Google for it.
    The US press likes to hate China instead of trying to look for the facts first before assuming it’s actions are unreasonable but lets face it, do we trust Apple or Google at this point ?
    And even if the current devices would be safe the US legislation can’t protect Apple from the NSA or other agencies so it’s devices can become a risk at any time while China and the US are not the closest friends and even friends get spied on.
    We know about politicians that used certain email providers and that ended up being a stupid mistake, isn’t it just crazy for other states to use anything that could be contaminated?
    As for anti trust investigations , does anyone think that M$ isn’t doing anything questionable? Is any large corporation all that different? Maybe it’s not so much a spat but regulators doing their job, or being more likely to do their job because of tensions.
    When Germany had a problem with Win 8 nobody looked at it as unfair, when China does, it must be retaliatory.

    PS: I hear that what NSA wants for Xmas is more electronic voting machines, they just love technology.