Analyst suggests iPhone 6 battery to have 45% more capacity than iPhone 5s


How much more power will the battery have in Apple’s(s aapl) iPhone 6? About 45 percent more capacity than the power pack in the iPhone 5s suggests analyst Sung Chang Xu, who expects a 2100 mAh battery in Apple’s next phone notes GforGames. This rumor contradicts earlier reports of an 1810 mAh battery in the phone that’s expected to debut at a reported September 9 Apple press event. Considering I’m not familiar with this particular analyst — nor her supply chain sources — I’m not betting money on the 2100 mAh figure just yet. I’m also wondering if the battery capacity is actually for a larger, 5.5-inch edition of the iPhone 6. Either way, don’t equate 45 percent capacity with 45 percent more run-time on a charge: It’s going to take more power to light those pixels on a bigger screen.


Matt Pro

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Considering a 4.7 inch screen is 38% bigger (the 4 the inch iPhone) and a 5.5 will be 88% bigger, that seems pretty reasonable. Of course a bigger screen will likely drain all that battery faster, and end up with the same life span.

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