In-store, $149 screen replacements for iPhone 5s reportedly begin

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Credit: CNET

Did you drop your iPhone 5s only to see the screen crack or shatter? It’s still too early to buy an iPhone 6, so you’ll probably have to figure out another option. And having an Apple(s aapl) Store replace the screen while you wait looks to be a possibility: Apple Insider reported Tuesday that a new screen replacement option for the iPhone 5s has started in some Apple Store locations.

iPhone 5s Zagg Glass screen

Apple started offering in-store iPhone screen replacements back in 2009, but it hasn’t always immediately offered the service with each new iPhone model introduced. It was only this past November, for example, when we first heard about potential screen swaps for the current iPhone models, the 5c and 5s. I know the 5c screen can be replaced now because we had that done while we were on vacation in Las Vegas last week. Replacing the iPhone 5s display is new, however.

Without AppleCare, expect to pay $149 for a screen replacement, which should take less than an hour to complete. Our iPhone 5c was turned around in 30 minutes last week. By completing the repair in-house, the process shaves days off of the replacement time because customers don’t need to ship their iPhone 5s to Apple and then wait for the repair and return shipment.


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Shawn Joseph

How much is it with AppleCare? The $79 deductible? I’ve only seen pricing for the full replacement fee in other articles as well. Just curious as my wife recently cracked the screen on her 5S and has AppleCare+ on it.

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