Pebble launches a trio of custom-colored smartwatches along with Weather Channel app


Credit: Pebble

I was waiting to see if and how Pebble might combat the new Android(s goog) Wear smartwatches and now we have at least an idea: On Tuesday, the company announced three new Pebble editions in different colors.

For $150, you can now choose between Fresh Green, Hot Pink, and Fly Blue watches. Also new to the Pebble family is an official Weather Channel app; the first from that organization on any wearable device.

Pebble colors

I’m already partial to the Fly Blue, but here’s a closer look at all three new watches in case you’re in the market for a splash of color and some sunny forecasts on your wrist:

Pebble said these watch colors are limited additions and can be ordered directly from its website while supplies last. The original Jet Black, Cherry Red, Arctic White, Orange and Grey options are also available, as is the $249 Pebble Steel edition.

Will the new colors help boost sales now that there’s more competition from Google Android Wear devices? They certainly won’t hurt, at least not any more than the average-at-best Android Wear reviews.

For now, Pebble has what it always had: A good product that brings notifications and apps to the wrist without needing to charge the watch every night.


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