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As Hadoop matures, security options increase

In today’s information-technology world, Hadoop is everywhere. But since its evolution from an open-source search engine to a full-on data-management platform that everyone from Facebook to Etsy uses, new challenges have arisen for businesses.

Security now tops that list.

In 2012, according to IBM, 2.5 billion GB of data was produced every day. That number only continues to grow, which means that more and more data — be it personal photographs, bank statements, or health care records — is at risk and must be protected.

For companies deploying Hadoop to manage and analyze their enterprise data, improved security is crucial.

Multiple options and solutions exist to manage such issues, and in 2014 there is no one-size-fits-all package. As our own George Anadiotis notes in a recent report, “Since there is no perfect solution, organizations should identify requirements that matter most for them and use a solution that comes as close as possible to meeting all of them.”

Below we’ve outlined some of the best solutions worth considering when it comes to this evolving world of Hadoop security.

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As with most young technologies, this is an ever-changing landscape, so keep a close eye on these companies and offerings in the months to come, and be ready to adapt your business model accordingly.