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Research Recap: The new enterprise, big data analytics, and the safety of mobile apps

This week we discuss how to address new business models for IT departments, new developments in big data analytics, and issues surrounding security in this era of mobile apps.

The new enterprise operating model

Modern IT allows companies to free themselves from old enterprise constraints. However, business management and IT organizations must address ensuing conceptual and business model issues in order to succeed.

How to deliver a comprehensive big data analytics framework to communication service providers

After undergoing dramatic shifts in recent years, big data analytics are now helping CSPs keep up with the changes by creating new revenue sources, improving customer experience, and establishing more-precise marketing opportunities.

Are apps safe? Digital security and the B2C app

App developers, mobile security experts, government regulators, and the creators of industry guidelines must understand the app types that create the most risk, how internal and external factors contribute to those risks, and what is currently being done to mitigate these issues.