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HP starts shipping its $430 SlateBook 14, an Android-powered laptop

Can the market support a notebook computer that runs a mobile operating system? That’s the question HP(s hpq) is attempting to answer with its SlateBook, a 14-inch laptop powered by Google(s goog) Android software. The SlateBook 14 was announced in June with a July 20 launch but the computer is only shipping just now notes Android Headlines. The $430 cost gets you hardware similar to a less pricey Chromebook. There is an advantage to running Android instead of Google’s ChromeOS though: Hundreds of thousands of available apps. Is that enough to bring mass appeal? I don’t think so, but HP will surely find a niche audience with this product.

7 Responses to “HP starts shipping its $430 SlateBook 14, an Android-powered laptop”

  1. Will you be doing a review of it, Kevin?

    Not in the market right now, but at least mildly curious; Android could be way better at the desktop/laptop thing with some quality hardware and UI tweaks to focus it more towards using a keyboard & trackpad.

    • Michael Hogan

      HP has never built anything but other companies computers. They have never designed their own computer. For that matter when has Microsoft rewrote a complete new windows operating system? Never

  2. mr dave

    I think it’s a great idea, however I don’t see HP promoting it. They are taking the ‘build it and they will come’ approach and that means it’s going to languish and die.

  3. I would buy one of these, tired of laptops with the Microsoft headaches and recently cut my cable/satellite provider out of the picture so I could bring up a movie on this and use the miracast protocol to mirror the display to my sony DVD player which will play the sound and audio to my LG tv via the HDMI cable. Plus all those apps to use, nice.