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Foreign security vendors can no longer bid for Chinese government contracts

China has reportedly booted foreign security software vendors off its government supplier list.

According to a report from Xinhua, quoting the Beijing Youth Daily, the procurement list for governmental security software suppliers is now all-Chinese, with Symantec (U.S.) and Kaspersky (Russia) having been removed from the list.

No reason was given for this, but it hardly comes as a surprise, particularly regarding Symantec(s symc). In the wake of the Snowden revelations and a nasty espionage spat with the U.S., American software and hardware vendors have been having a tough time in China — state media and regulators have attacked the security implications of everything from iPhones(s aapl) to IBM(s ibm).

A week ago, Chinese authorities raided Microsoft(s msft)’s offices in what turned out to be an antitrust probe — the rationale for which remains somewhat mysterious. Despite that investigation, Microsoft is still an approved supplier of operating systems for Chinese government departments. Indeed, it’s the only foreign supplier on that particular list.

4 Responses to “Foreign security vendors can no longer bid for Chinese government contracts”

  1. I guess it’s a shock it took them this long to do it given how long ago the Snowden leaks came out. It’s a pity that the government has chosen a strategy in line with the firewall but if they want that control they must have seen it as the only way. The bigger shame is so many country’s now are beginning to tweak and tighten there laws to do similar things.

    • but they do u dimwit. they even blocked Huawei from bidding on public telecom offerings. if China blocked US from selling to the Chinese public too, our economy would collapse overnight.