Obama signs cell phone unlocking bill; It is now officially legal to unlock your phone


It is now legal to unlock a cell phone in the United States. As promised, President Barack Obama signed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act into law on Friday, the White House announced in a blog post. Previously, unlocking your phone — modifying its firmware — could be considered a violation of federal copyright law, although it was rarely enforced. If you want to celebrate by unlocking your device (without fear of a fine) here’s a handy tip sheet for all four big carriers’ policies and procedures.



i do not really see what has changed, the carriers have always help unlock phones that are out of contract. the new law requires that the contract be fulfilled.

a change would mean it is legal to unlock an phone in your possession regardless if you are the original purchaser, a re seller, an unlocking business. an regardless of the contract status.

nothing has changed except that it is officially legal to do what the carrier have always offered even as part of the exceptions to the previous law.


meh ( 2x ) …, I would like him to sign a bill declaring ISPs utilities and broadband to be at least 20/5 ;)

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