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If only it were 2009: BlackBerry releases a BBM app for Windows Phone

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BBM, BlackBerry’s encrypted chat client, is headed to Windows Phone, the company said on Thursday. Once upon a time BBM was considered a differentiating feature exclusive to BlackBerry devices, but in the past year the company also released apps for iOS(s appl) and Android(s goog).

In terms of sheer numbers of users or messages sent, BBM can’t compete with some of the new cost-focused messaging apps that have been hot lately, like WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Line, and fellow Canadian company Kik. But it does have fans in some strongholds, like Indonesia, where it remains the most popular messaging service.Blackberry

The Windows Phone BBM app, with a fresh redesign compared to the iOS and Android versions, comes a few days after BlackBerry announced it was buying German mobile security firm Secursmart at a security conference in New York. While BlackBerry isn’t giving up on its own devices (it plans to release a square-shaped phone called the Passport this fall) it is reemphasizing its expertise in security for big firms over consumer hardware.

Earlier this summer, BlackBerry released a version of BBM that meets stringent U.S. government requirements for cryptography. The paid service, eBBM Suite, is not the consumer-focused BBM available on Windows Phone, but BlackBerry plans to port it over to other platforms later this year. It certainly made good on its promise to take BBM cross-platform.


You can download BBM from the Windows Phone store now.


6 Responses to “If only it were 2009: BlackBerry releases a BBM app for Windows Phone”

  1. Mark Freidin

    Funny, I downloaded the Blackberry App for iPhone in January, and guess what it didn’t work sadly… Maybe thats why its ony being mentioned now, too little too late, real pity for a really robust technology platform. People are harsh critics, the Blackberry platform was for many years the darling of the business industry.

  2. Mikhail

    Giving whom a break? Blackberry was acting like a greedy pig hording its BBM platform to themselves until they almost became irrelevant altogether.
    I love BBM and would like to use it all the time instead of the other messengers on my Galaxy Note, but most of the people moved on, as indeed this is no longer 2009….

    • Yes, BBM was its USP, and it opened up a little too late, agree. But in India, Indonesia, Australia etc. BBM is doing very well indeed. It’s the US which beats up the Canadian company mercilessly.

  3. … and equally lousy headlines. It could be “BBM now on Windows phones!” instead of “If only it were 2009…” and all that crap. Seriously, give the company a break. It’s still around.

  4. BBM is now on Windows phones. Great. Stick to writing about that. American tech writers cannot write one positive article without mentioning BlackBerry’s market share, competitors and all the horror of the past. Just concentrate on the present, will you?