IBM snaps up Crossideas for identity management know-how

And the buying spree continues. IBM(s ibm) said Thursday it is acquiring Crossideas, an Italian company that specializes in security and compliance software — and managing user identities across different applications and deployment models. Terms of the deal were not disclosed

According to an IBM statement, Crossideas, based in Rome,

“… helps organizations seamlessly manage identities and application access by bridging the gap between compliance, business, and IT infrastructure to help reduce the risk of fraud, conflicts of duties, and human error in business processes.”

Yeah, I don’t get that either. In any case, Crossideas will become part of IBM’s overall Identity and Access Management (IAM) product lineup. IBM in general has been filling gaps in its software platform for years, and in security has acquired Internet Security Systems in 2006 and several other security specialists including Trusteer last year.

As businesses deploy applications across their own server rooms and public and hybrid clouds, the ability to make sure an authorized user is who she says she is has become very important. That’s the problem that independent IAM vendors like Crossideas, Okta and others attack. and other big software vendors are adding their own IAM capabilities.