Hortonworks CEO Rob Bearden on the latest Hadoop hubbub

Hortonworks and Cloudera have been in a big-time arms race — each raking in big bucks from a series of major backers — the latest skirmish was Hewlett-Packard’s(s hpq) $50 million investment in Hortonworks.

This week’s guest Hortonworks CEO Rob Bearden explains what all the Hadoop hubbub’s about.

Rob Bearden at Structure Data 2014.
Rob Bearden at Structure Data 2014.

But first, there’s tectonic moving and shaking in public cloud with a three-way price-cut roundalay which means that Amazon(s amzn) Web Services won’t always be the initiator and will have to respond to cuts initiated by Google(s goog) and/or Microsoft(s msft).

That alone has changed the complexion of the market. And, we also talk about why Twitter(s twtr), which is in a bit of an arms race of its own, needed to buy Madbits.




Hosts: Barb Darrow and Derrick Harris

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