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Unless somebody made a typo, Apple may be planning a 2014 refresh of the Mac Mini

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The Mac Mini is not Apple’s(s appl) moneymaker — that would be the iPhone, or the MacBook Air if we’re talking OS X devices. But there’s still a good number of people who love Apple’s little affordable headless desktop, and are holding off getting a new one until the now two-year old current version gets an update.

And here’s the first sign in a long while that a new model might be in the pipeline: an Apple support page detailing Boot Camp compatibility mentions a “mid 2014” Mac Mini (which would be compatible with dual-booting Windows(s msft) through Boot Camp, of course.) The line item in question has since been removed from the page.

Sure, the tidbit, which was first spotted by 9to5Mac, is hardly definitive proof of anything. But the Mac Mini line is long overdue for a refresh, and Apple’s been updating the processors in its MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro lines in recent months to the latest Intel Haswell chips — the same chips that would be a huge upgrade to the Ivy Bridge-era chips inside Apple’s mini desktops.

Apple also recently released a low-cost iMac recently with a laptop chip and RAM installed. Considering the Mac Mini was one of Apple’s first forays into using laptop parts and construction on a desktop system, I wouldn’t mind seeing low-power components in a future version.

Screenshot 2014-07-29 17.12.25

I don’t think it’s likely this support page inadvertently leaked information about multiple unreleased Apple products; The same support page also mentions a 2014 27-inch iMac that isn’t currently on sale. But I want to believe there’s a chance.

This post has been updated to reflect the removal of the listing. 

4 Responses to “Unless somebody made a typo, Apple may be planning a 2014 refresh of the Mac Mini”

  1. RoTimi Akinmoladun, MBA (Top-Linked)(6,500K+)

    I’m typing this very message from a base Mac Mini 2011 model. I can’t wait to be able to hopefully upgrade to a newer Mac Mini but at this point, I agree with the 1st commenter that Haswell will not be enough of an incentive to upgrade. I feel like Apple might as well wait & roll out an updated Broadwell Mini model at this point. By then, I’ll definitely be ready with cash in hand!!!! :)

  2. Robert Hancock

    I’ll buy if it has Broadwell, but I am not interested at all in a meagre speed bump of 200 MHz and more RAM with no extra GPU power for $800.
    Since Broadwell is delayed by Intel, I am not holding my breathe that this exists as more than just a stopgap refresh and is not a full upgrade to performance and features.
    Eddy Cue’s remarks a few months ago about the best second half product line ever have not been true yet!

  3. I bought 2 ASUS Chromeboxes for $180/ea. I use it for 99% of all my internet browsing and email. They’re great. For anything else, I still have my $1400 Win7 desktop PC with an Intel 3.5GHz 6-Core CPU