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Big bitcoin players are back on iOS now that Blockchain’s Wallet app is live again

Bitcoin fans were furious earlier this year after Apple booted a bunch of cryptocurrency apps from its app store. One fan even went so far as to shoot his “anti-bitcoin” iPhone with a rifle to exchange it for a Nexus 5. Now, one of the largest bitcoin companies, Blockchain, has announced that Apple has reinstated its bitcoin wallet in the app store.

Apple never officially commented as to why it was taking down the cryptocurrency apps, but when the company updated its App Store guidelines in June, rumors started flying that a specific section on virtual currencies meant that the apps would be let back in to the tightly guarded Apple ecosystem.

“We’re very excited to continue investing in iOS again and working with Apple to reimagine how the world transacts,” said Blockchain’s CEO Nicolas Cary in a statement.

The reinstated wallet includes an overhaul to its security, adding features like a pin code page, and Blockchain changed the fee to send bitcoin to 0.0001 BTC just like its counterpart app on Android, according to the company’s blog post.


Since Apple lifted the ban, bitcoin wallet apps have slowly been trickling into the store, including an unofficial one from popular wallet service Coinbase. But Blockchain’s Wallet for iOS was the most downloaded wallet when it was removed from the app store earlier this year, according to the company, and its return will probably only see increased demand. The UK-based company has seen its wallet user base balloon from 950,000 at the beginning of this year to 1.9 million today — and it’s a likely bet that many of those users also carry around iPhones in their pockets.

Number of Blockchain wallet users. Source:
Number of Blockchain wallet users. Source:

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