Revolv, but no Wink hubs at my Home Depot


I took a trip to my local Home Depot last night to check out how it’s “innovation aisles” of connected devices are getting set up. The retailer had said it would put a lot of effort and shelf space toward connected products for the home, including an end cap and products associated with the Quirky-Wink hub.


However, when I visited, I saw a Nest end cap, a Revolv end cap, and some smaller displays inside the aisles for Quirky’s non connected gear and Honeywell’s thermostats. But I didn’t see any Wink hubs or Wink-ready connected gear in my survey of the aisles. I asked two people working the floor and one went to search for the Wink hub online before coming back to tell me he couldn’t find it. It is online, and according to the inventory on the web site, there were two in stock at my store, but I didn’t know that going in. Plus, I didn’t want to argue with someone who is only trying to help me.

I asked two people, but this was all the Wink gear I found.

I asked two people, but this was all the Wink gear I found.

While I didn’t find the Wink in store I did find a nice deal for the Philips Hue light on the web site for those looking to add some color to their homes. Home Depot is offering a starter set of the Hue BR30 down lights and a free fourth bulb for $199.97 bringing the cost of a Hue bulb to $50 instead of the normal $60. But in store, I was dismayed by the lack of Wink gear and any educational effort. Although the Revolv Hubs are apparently pretty popular as the photo above can attest.

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