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For $40, CaseCam lets you be in that group picture taken on your iPhone

We’ve got selfies and we’ve got group shots these days. And there’s also the “groufie,” provided you have either a wide-angle camera lens on your phone or you have really long arms.

I don’t have either, which is why the CaseCam caught my eye. It’s a $40 iPhone(s aapl) case that uses both a mirror and special software so you can capture — and appear in — a group shot without holding your iPhone.

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CamCase is advertised as a sort of a remote-controlled tripod for the iPhone because the fold-out mirror holds up the iPhone. That mirror lets the iPhone camera see what it otherwise wouldn’t, since the view would be blocked by the CaseCam stand. Since your iPhone will be taking pictures of what it sees in the mirror, CaseCam’s app correctly inverts photos and videos so everything isn’t backwards.

The CaseCam app takes both pictures or video and includes a timer feature; that’s so you can set up the phone and run over to your group for the shot. You don’t have to rely on the timer alone, though. Another iPhone running the CaseCam app can remotely view the shot over Wi-Fi and even snap the shutter.


It’s a pretty slick-looking implementation and one that doesn’t cost too much. When you don’t need the mirror, it folds away into the case. And when you need a tripod of sorts, you can use the mirror to hold up your phone at various angles.

The Kickstarter project for CaseCam ends on August 24, so there’s still plenty of time to get in on the funding; the project goal is $25,000. Early birds can fund the CaseCam for $25 now and save $15 off the $40 expected retail price.