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Peerlyst raises $3M to build out social net and application for IT pros

Peerlyst, a startup that’s building a social network and community site targeted at IT pros, now has $3 million in a funding round led by Hummer Winblad Venture Partners and Illuminate Ventures to build out that vision.

The idea is to give IT pros — starting with security specialists — a place to collaborate and help each other and to find content and community relevant to their needs, said Peerlyst founder and CEO Limor Elbaz (pictured above).

Now in beta, Peerlyst is sort of a combo of LinkedIn(s lnkd), Yelp(s yelp) and Quora that aims to help chief information security officers (CISOs) or security admins who have a problem and are looking for products and services to solve it. They want more than specs; they’d love to hear what their peers think of the options.

“There aren’t a lot of places for security pros to collaborate — they can read tech magazines and content but there’s not one place for them to do all that and get information on products,” Elbaz said in an interview. “We’re trying to create that community that’s not just a website. We want a data-driven approach with information about thousands of products in one place and powerful search that will let people find data on products by vendor, by category, by feature.” The icing on the cake? Peer reviews of those products.

In a statement, HWVP Managing Director Mitchell Kertzman said IT people need to “easily connect and collaborate in a way that is in context, meaningful and productive.” In theory, that means that a CISO in need of a solution will find the product she needs, understand the features it offers and how well it integrates with what she already has installed, and get honest opinions about what her peers think of it.

Peerlyst user wall.
Peerlyst user wall.