Verizon FiOS gives customers a boost on upload speeds


Verizon will upgrade its fiber-to-the-home service to symmetrical broadband connections at no extra charge for customers. That means customers get the same speeds when uploading data as they do downloading data (So my colleague Kevin Tofel’s speeds up above should soon match up.) Verizon says this is because people are creating a lot more content, but it’s also smart marketing. Fiber doesn’t face the same constraints as copper or cable, so symmetrical speeds are a relatively cheap way of offering customers more value, especially customers irked about the ISP’s Netflix fight. The upgrades will be phased out in the coming months.



Shame FiOS isn’t being expanded anymore really. Even the Canadian equivalents, kings of crap service at premium prices, are expanding their fibre offerings to more cities and towns.


IMHO this is still not high speed internet until it is at a minimum of 500 megs down /up.


It would be great to have practical use of all this bandwidth. If Verizon is restricting Netflix to < 1 Mbps, why am I paying for FiOS at all?

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