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Chromebooks in schools: 1M sold last quarter

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Chromebooks(s goog) in the education market are clearly picking up steam. Earlier this week, Dell said it was temporarily discontinuing direct Chromebook 11 sales to individuals because it can’t keep up with demand from commercial channels for the education-focused laptop. On Friday, Google reported one million Chromebook sales to schools in the second quarter of 2014. Along with the stat, Google published a blog post from David Andrade, the CIO for the Bridgeport Public Schools district explaining why he chose Chromebooks for the 23,000 student district in Connecticut. Among the reasons: “affordability and easy maintenance”; something we’ve suggested on the Chrome Show podcast time and time again.

14 Responses to “Chromebooks in schools: 1M sold last quarter”

  1. hundoman

    Yippy might as well get kids lifelong Google profiles started at an even earlier age.

    The only reason Google makes any products is to increase their ability to sell targeted advertising against you.

  2. hundoman

    Yippy might as well get these kids Google profiles started on them at an even earlier age.

    The only reason Google exists is create products that will increase their ability to sell targeted advertising against you.

    • Don’t be silly. It is not about Google Apps.

      It is about introducing computing technology into the classroom at an affordable rate.

      We could easily supply more expensive computers, just increase taxes. But wait that is a a no-no.

      Why not get Apple or MS to supply computers at cost. Their markups are high, specifically Apple, just look at their margins.

      Otherwise leave the school boards who are finically strapped with sensible options. They can better spend the money on recruiting and paying teachers better.

  3. inmotion

    Kids, unlike us adults, can adapt to just about any computing device in front of them and make due with them. it’s a good lightweight productivity tool to assist with the student’s homework.

    The chromebook is not that expensive. I think the the school made a good financial decision going with the Chromebook.

    • I think you’re hitting a point that’s getting overlooked.

      Naysayers are defining the situation based on their own interpretation of what computing means to them. When I was in school, that meant booting from floppy drives and using text-based apps. ;)

      • I would bet most if not all of these naysayers have never used a chrome book, or if so, only briefly. Not do they understand the requirements of computers in schools.

  4. John S

    I know schools are broke but come on, they learn very little about using a computer on a Chromebook. Its a browser tied to the cloud. I ask one school district why they were buying Chromebooks and they said because they could buy them at around $100 a piece. Then it came out they had to spend $10,000 for wireless networking improvements. I said, knowing they had older PC’s with XP on them and wired networking in rooms why they did not just install Chrome browsers on those PC’s ? Seriously, what a bad investment, you buy hardware that basically can never run anything other then Chrome browser. What a waste.