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DirecTV is cutting the cord on NFL Sunday Ticket with online-only subscriptions

Cord cutters rejoice: DirecTV (S DTV) is finally making the NFL Sunday ticket available to football fans without a pay TV subscription. The satellite TV provider is about to launch a new online service, dubbed NFLSundayTicket.TV, that will offer access to NFL games that were previously only available to DirecTV subscribers. However, it looks like eligibility is limited to people who can’t get DirecTV.

The new service will be available in three service tiers when it officially launches in September: A $200, season-long package will give users access to live, out-of-market games on computers and mobile devices. A $240 package lets you watch games on the Xbox (S MSFT) 360, Xbox One, Playstation (S SNE) 3 or Playstation 4, and a $330 package includes both mobile and PC as well as game console access as well as other exclusive features.

On the mobile front, the service will offer apps for iPads, (S AAPL) iPhones and a variety of Android (S GOOG) devices, but iOS users will apparently not be able to use AirPlay to watch games on Apple TVs.

The bigger drawback of the service is that many sports fans won’t have access to it. Prospective buyers have to enter their home address to see whether they’re eligible, and many are turned away, just like I was when I tested it with my San Francisco Bay Area address.

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It looks like DirecTV is checking whether applicants live in single-home residencies, which could theoretically get satellite TV, or apartments, where satellite dishes are often blocked. Two of my co-workers who live in apartment buildings were told that they’re eligible.

NFLSundayTicket.TV also offers price-reduced packages for college students, but the list of eligible colleges is fairly short as well and includes Ohio State University, University of Southern California, Havard University and Syracuse University along with a few others. And like most sports streaming packages, the NFL SundayTicket.TV still comes with blackout rules for local games.

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  1. As a follow up to my earlier post, I checked with DirectTV and the web browser based flash player still has 2/4 games in one. They may have eliminated it from devices though.

  2. If you used it last year, beware that they got rid of the 4 games (or two games) in one feature. You can only watch one game at a time now.

    Also, to get Redzone you have to pay $130 extra a month for the top tier.

  3. had the NFL package last and it wasn’t worth it…….every time turn to different game during a commercial that game and all the other games were in commercial too

  4. Charles

    I have been with dtv for around 9 years now what I am tired of is if you are a new customer you get it for free. What the hell? I still have all my original boxes and dvr, and not once have the offered me anything. Not even upgraded equip. Crappy service and channels bye bye dtv.

  5. Billybob

    This is a big smoke screen by DirecTv to push the AT&T merger deal. It is not opening up the games to more subscribers without DirecTv, it’s shutting it down. Unless you live in one of 10 universities or in one of 3 cities, you can’t access this service. In previous years you could subscribe by either PS3 or computer no matter where you lived. This site is one of the few that is telling the truth. The media in general are acting like DirecTv is doing everyone a favor this year where in actuality they are screwing us. There just doesn’t seem to be enough people who understand what’s really going on. The NFL should be inundated with complaints by now, but with the way the media is reporting this nothing is happening even though their contract with the NFL included a stipulation for streaming in the latter years of the contract. Complain to the NFL and your local team. If our voices are loud enough, we might just be able to keep the creeps at DirecTv from getting a contract renewal.

  6. Ian G.

    Does anyone know if Sunday Ticket could be streamed from two locations? IE If my buddy go halfsies, can he stream from his place and me from mine?


  7. I am not eligible for their streaming service therefore I will buy the full satellite tv package. Just kidding, who would do this. I hope they are tracking all the ineligible entries and realize all the money they are missing. And charging more to watch it on a Playstation is crap. My solution–have my apartment living friend sign up and pay. I will then use their log in on my ipad (with my mirroring cord)

  8. They’ve offered Sunday Ticket on PS3 with no Directv service for a few years now. I had it but its not worth the $300+ they charge. Not when more and more games are nationally televised each season. Now you get 4 nationally televised games on Sundays, one on Mondays and one on thursdays. Plus if I’m not mistaken they have a few Saturday games on late in the season. When 6-8 games are televised each week (12 teams) and less teams play in weeks 4-12 due to byes, you’re really only getting a handful of extra games each week. The price just isn’t worth what you get now. They should offer individual games ala cart. I’d pay $10 to see a game that i really wanted to see if i couldnt see it over the air that week. Seems like they would make more money with that as an option.

    • Michael Meredith

      I consider myself lucky… Here’s what you should do. Get a bunch of people together that like your NFL team and host it at a pizza place! That’s what we do and we never miss a game!

  9. I would pay 500 for the season but I am not eligible. They are turning down money to try and lock in direct subscribers. And this is one reason Direct are idiots. You wont get my money because you don’t want it bad enough.

  10. andrew stevens

    I don’t know why people pay for Sunday Ticket anyway. There are tons of websites where you can watch any NFL game you want for free. The same goes for MLB, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, golf, tennis, most college football and basketball games and UFC, boxing and WWE.

  11. I think the bigger headline here is that DirecTV is making it more mainstream & easier to get. Probably because they are realizing that more people do not want to pay over $100 a month for DirecTV plus another $300+ for NFL Sunday Ticket, so they can at least recoup some of their costs by hitting up non customers for $200+. This has been available for years now & actually last year it was much cheaper, plus it worked awesome on my HTPC hooked to my HDTV. I actually just updated the 2013 blog article on getting NFL ST online, with the new process for 2014-you actually can get it no matter where you live if you get a bit creative…

    • Michael Meredith

      No Sir! The bigger headline is that Direct Tv is losing their butts on NFL Ticket, so they are opening it up to more people! Half the time or more, they give it to their existing customers for free just to keep them from leaving! That sir is the Headline… ;)

  12. Johnny O

    Why not enter a address for an apartment and just have the bill emailed to you or better yet pay with a CC or Debit Card. How are they going to verify you don’t live at that apartment? You can live with someone else and it could be in their name and they would have no clue.

    • Dave916

      I agree with George on the Roku. I rent a room in a house and I cannot add a cable service but I do have high stream Internet access. Why can’t I have this service? And why would DirecTv and the NFL leave money on the table like this. If they have the ability to stream, why not allow for all and why did they have different levels depending on your device?

  13. I live in a 400 square foot studio and would have to pay $300+ dollars up front plus an additional $50 a month for a satellite dish…and yet I’m told I’m ineligible for service. Nice……

  14. C. Holmes

    Had DirecTV for years and the Sunday Ticket. The offered it at a reduced price last year. Trick was, if your were someone who had it on an auto renew, you did not get the special rate AND you were charged all the extra channels and benefits. When I called to complain (Someone who had D-TV for many years) they couldn’t help me. When I dropped them, they called me and informed me that I had not been informed that I was authorized an upgrade on my DVR (which I had over 3 years. I let them know that I would just watch whatever games came on regular channels and had already signed with Dish Network (Which ended up being cheaper anyway). Good riddance to a bad company. No loss. Only thing good about them, is the funny commercials.

  15. jeoffreybristow

    Cut the Direct TV cord in 2007 after having it for 10 years, never will pay for the crap viable of Direct TV or the other that offer cable. I have Off Air, Netflix,Buy DVD ‘s and other sources of entertainment. I have a life. With what I would pay for Direct Tv I save enough in 18 moths to take a 7 day vacation in Hawaii or wherever I want o . Me and my partner . He works for Marriott. We get great discounts on travel. For 8 days in a 5 star resort staying in a time share in Oahu , rental car and round trip airfare from Tampa Florida and a 1 hour helicopter ride over the island and the rest of what we did. Half of that was paid in not getting or paying for cable of Direct TV $4000.00 for 8 days. I worked in TV broadcasting from 1981 to 2001. I knew for many years it was all going to be pay TV. If your life is dictated by TV and watching TV. I feel sorry for all of you. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  16. Cord Cutters rejoice my ass!!!! The reason i cut the cord is because i dont want to pay for all the crappy channels that i wont watch. I guess I’ll just have to watch football through other means again this season until directv figures out that they should offer sunday ticket to real cord cutters not just people who cant get directv.

    • Keith Hawn

      wahhhhhhh wahhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhh cable guys are laughing all the way to the bank while you bitch and moan cuz you can’t get content for FREE haha

      • Dave916

        WOW Keith, Do you work for a Cable Company??? I noticed your post on this matter, you are mocking us that are tired of paying $150 a month for just a few channels and the rest are crap. When we payed this cost and still need to sit through 25+ mins of commercials every hour. Be constructive on this or shut the H##l up.

        • Keith Hawn

          you missed my point Dave. Go back and read what he wrote: “until DirecTV figures out [they should give me what i want the way i want it and at the price i want it].” No, I don’t work for the Cable Cos., just tired of reading sophomoric comments (yours included) about how bad “we all” are being treated. Do you complain as much about your gas prices?

      • Gilbert Ortiz

        He doesn’t want it for free. I assume he is willing to pay the price of NFL Sunday Ticket alone but isn’t allowed to because he can theoretically get Direct TV itself. This is the same thing people want from Showtime, HBO, etc.. the ability to pay for their online services without having it be tied to also paying a cable company for something they don’t want. And that is the point. The reason these companies do this is because they know (especially in Direct TV’s case with regard to NFLST) they are getting people to grossly overpay for something they want buried under a ton of shit they don’t want and they want to keep it that way. It is a tacit admission that they are selling a bundled product that enough people don’t want except for one specific item in that bundle that they are not willing to spin that one item out on its own. As for your other comment, if this article was about gas prices, people would be complaining about that too. Same for, say, the prices airport restaurants know they can get away with because of modern airport security regulations. We are all still being screwed even if enough people turn a blind eye and allow it to continue.

  17. Melslydaplin

    This is just ridiculous! Last season I had online access to NFL Sunday Ticket for less than $100 through purchasing Madden 25. This included PC and iOS. If you subtract the value of the game, my net cost was about $40. In comparison to that, why would I pay $200+ for the package now? I love NFL games but the cost of doing any kind of business with them is way out of hand.

  18. Shafqat Islam

    I’ve been subscribing to this for many years (both in the US and outside). In the US, they always made you tick a box to confirm that you can’t get satellite. It seems the only difference is now you enter an address.

    So its seems like this is something that’s always been around? Confused.

  19. kwhittenberger

    They have offered this for customers who can’t get service for years now as I have been using it. With the new page though, their app tells me I am not eligible based on my address. The only problem is that I have already tried to get service and can’t get a satellite signal.

  20. As a cord cutter, this is just a total load of crap! Why won’t they let me get it? Hell, I am willing to pay $330 for it! Does this make any sense??? Aereo TV couldn’t do it but I hope someone comes in and shakes this pseudo-monopoly up. Right now, I do not see any hope with the current business model.

      • Michael Meredith

        Keith; it doesn’t matter, because eventually Direct tv will not be able to afford the NFL ticket! Not only are the cord cutters taking away business from them, but it’s their customer service that is the worst in the satellite industry. I speak from experience because I have had Direct tv twice, and the first time I left it was because they suck and are overpriced. 5 years Later I gave them another chance and they still were the rudest people that I had ever dealt with! I have Dish Network now and any problems that may occur are taken care of immediately. Every couple of years Direct tv bids for NFL sunday ticket and they throw everything they have at it. Eventually that pot of money will empty and they will have no choice but to give it up! Their customer base is leaving and that is the best thing that can happen to those greedy pricks! NFL Sunday ticket can’t be held forever; now it’s people with apartments, soon it will be people with an internet connection no matter where they live!

        • Tea Bagger

          I second that motion, there customer service is short of a Russia diplomacy type complex and their greed far exceed any oil company gouge at the gas pump on any giving holiday.

        • Brenda Milburn

          they called us and offered us the nfl pkg for free just by signing a new 2 yr contract with them and also $20.00 dollars off of our bill for 12 months? that was a bunch of b^llsh^t? they lied when we got our bill they had charged us 39.99 in six monthly payments? and my husband was pissed so he called and told them about it you and can pretty much quess what happened he pretty much told them to stick there nfl package where the sun don’t shine.

          • Tony Brackett

            that is strange. i got direct last year about this time and i never got charged a dime for the nfl package. sorry you had bad luck with them.