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Airbnb gets a design facelift & a new logo

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Airbnb was founded and is run by designers. That makes them hyper vigilant of the company’s brand and overall design, and now the company is getting a visual upgrade. On Wednesday Airbnb revealed a new symbol that it says represents Airbnb’s maturation and growth: they’re calling it the Bélo, “the universal symbol of belonging.” What do you think of it? Valleywag has its own hilarious take. And some peeps on Twitter pointed out it looks a bit like this logo.

Airbnb logo

2 Responses to “Airbnb gets a design facelift & a new logo”

  1. quiviran

    While I’m not a fan of focus group directed design, it really doesn’t hurt to show something around to a few people before taking the full plunge. How do they walk this back? If they change right away, it’s egg on their face and they look like they don’t think things through. If they keep it, they’ll be the butt (so to speak) of an unending stream of hilarity. Maybe most people will won’t make the connection on their own, but the internet will be there to make sure they don’t miss it.