Google now catalogs hundreds of Chromecast apps for easier discovery


Credit: Google

Discovering new apps to use with Google’s(S GOOG) Chromecast streaming stick just got a lot easier: Google started to add a catalog of hundreds of apps capable of casting to the Chromecast website. The site previously only listed a few select featured apps from major publishers, but now includes more than 400 apps, ranging from video services to games to personal media players.

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Also nice: The app catalog can be sorted by iOS(s aapl), Android and web apps, and then offers links to download each app either on Google Play or on the iOS App Store. Google first announced that it would make discovery of apps easier at Google I/O, where it also introduced screen mirroring for Chromecast.


Geom Guy

Why iOS is safer than Android
The relative vulnerability of Android vs. iOS comes down to the level of control the vendors have over products and the marketplace for development and distribution of apps. –

Millions of Android devices remain vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug weeks after the flaw was made public. Google announced last week that handsets and tablets running its mobile operating system were at risk.

Android attacks now outpace all other mobile platforms, says McAfee –


Riiiight. Yet, I’ve had Android phones since 2004 and I’ve never ran into this so-called “heartbleed bug”, never installed a virus protector, AND all my devices are rooted, which makes your device more vulnerable.

I’m gonna call BS on that one.

Brian Murphy

I can’t find Vudu in this list for iOS or Android yet I am streaming from the Vudu App on iOS right now. Also confirmed can stream from Vudu app on Android. Intentional omission or accident?


The list includes other competitors so I can’t see why this is anything other than a cast ready app waiting for a list refresh.


And yet Google’s own Picasa is still not included?!? I understand they want to push us to Google+, but I’m not having it…


Doesn’t it cast in a browser?

In any event, there’s a ton of options for casting personal content, locally stored or on-line.


Picasa has been absorbed into Google+. You can view and cast all of Picasas albums from the “Photos” of Google+

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