Codeship launches freemium model to push its continuous integration service

Codeship, the 4-year-old company behind a hosted continuous integration offering, is adopting a freemium model to encourage new users to try its service before having to break out their credit cards.

Like many startups, Codeship has experimented with how to get users aboard — up till now offering (but not publicizing) a free, limited tier of its service. Now the idea is to let developers have full access to all of the product’s capabilities for up to 100 builds before charges apply, said CEO and founder Mo Plassnig (pictured above.)

Continuous integration was popularized by Facebook(s fb), Google(s goog) and other web-scale companies that must always iterate and integrate new features in a continuing workflow process. CI competitors include CircleCI and Wercker, the winner of Structure Europe Launchpad in 2012.

Given the explosion of startups vying for developer and end-user attention, the pressure is on to persuade people to test new products out and (hopefully from the vendor point of view) get hooked. The freemium model is one way to do so, as is are limited-time offers and limited free tiers of service.

Codeship, with offices in Boston and Vienna, garnered $2.6 million in funding earlier this year and now has 14 employees in Boston and Vienna.

Codeship team
Codeship team