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Verizon’s FIOS Netflix speed tanks as finger-pointing by both companies continues

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Verizon (S VZ) FIOS subscribers continue to see buffering Netflix streams, and the situation is apparently getting worse: Netflix’s (S NFLX) latest ISP speed index saw the average speed of Netflix streams watched by FIOS subscribers decline to 1.58 MBPS in June, down from 1.9 MBPS in May, and well below average speeds seen on other ISPs. The average speed of Netflix streams requested by Cablevision (S CVC) customers was 3.1MBPS in June, and Comcast (S CMCSK) customers got their Netflix fare with an average of 2.61 MBPS.

netflix isp speed index june 2014

Verizon actually used to fare a lot better in Netflix’s ISP speed index. Last fall, Netflix streams to FIOS customers were still averaging up to 2.22 MBPS, but speeds have been in freefall since January.

Both companies continue to blame each other for the reason behind the slow-down, with Verizon public policy VP David Young once again arguing last week that Netflix was deliberately choosing a transit route without enough capacity to serve FIOS customers.

Netflix executives have been countering this by saying that Verizon has chosen to limit interconnection capacity in order to get Netflix to pay for peering. Both parties reached a commercial agreement, which includes such payments, in April — but the results of that agreement have yet to be felt by Verizon customers.

7 Responses to “Verizon’s FIOS Netflix speed tanks as finger-pointing by both companies continues”

  1. Robert J. Berger

    The Telco/Cablecos should be broken up horizontally. No entity should own/control both transport and content. That needs to become the basis of true Net Neutrality. Until that happens the Telco/Cablecos will not deliver the true promise of broadband.

    • Netflix is unwatchable on my 50mb Verizon FIOS connection. However, if I connect to my company’s secure VPN and launch Netflix, then it is fine.

      I place the blame 100% on Verizon throttling NF.

  2. timekeeper

    I can hardly wait for 4k streaming on all their shows… 2.2Mbps – Phft!

    Also its “Mbps” not “MBPS” as shown in your article. “MB” could be interpreted as MegaBytes when the chart clearly shows “Mb” which is MegaBits – 8x smaller.

  3. John Nemesh

    Thats funny…my FRONTIER FIOS connection to Netflix works just fine! I have never been so glad that Frontier bought out my area as I have been lately! If this keeps up, Verizon is going to dethrone Comcast as “Shittiest ISP in the US”!

  4. I thought the absence of last mile competition was supposed to explain why ISP’s are getting rich while holding content companies for ransom and delivering crappy service to their customers. Don’t most FIOS customers also have cable TV option?

  5. mikefeinstein

    Thanks for continuing to cover this. As an affected FIOS and Netflix customers, I can attest that things continue to be bad during most viewing hours. Do you know of any forums or email addresses at both companies where we can send complaints, other than their general contact info?