UK follows US in banning uncharged devices from flights — and BA floated even tougher rules


It’s not just the U.S. that wants air passengers to prove their electronic devices aren’t bombs by turning them on – the same now goes in the U.K., according to an update from aviation authorities on Tuesday. The authorities refused to say which routes were affected, so all passengers flying into and out of the U.K. will have to charge their devices before traveling, on pain of having those phones, tablets and laptops confiscated. Meanwhile British Airways announced even more restrictive measures on Monday – passengers with dead devices wouldn’t be able to fly, whether or not they offer to abandon the devices — but later backed down.



so, if my laptop dies while I’m travelling, how do I bring it home for repair?

David Meyer

In your stowaway luggage or, if you only have carry-on, by catapult.


Sometimes I think there’s a conspiracy afoot, funded by all the news agents and book shops in airport terminals.

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