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At long last, Android mirroring comes to Chromecast

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Hints of Android devices streaming their screens to a Chromecast appeared months ago and now the feature is live. Officially announced at Google(s goog) I/O, certain Android devices can now mirror their display to a large screen using a Chromecast. The feature is technically a beta and Google says support for additional devices is coming soon. To use the feature, Android users will need the updated Chromecast version 1.7 app found in the Google Play Store. With the right device and updated app, anything you see on your Android’s small screen can now be shared on a larger screen.

7 Responses to “At long last, Android mirroring comes to Chromecast”

  1. hundoman

    Why would you buy a Chromecast device when you can use Miracast which is already built built into the Android OS for a while now?

    Miracast also is a Wi-Fi Direct technology that can work in the 5Ghz space not on your existing congested wireless network and Chromecast only works in the slower 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi space too.

    • Unfortunately not, or not that I know of. Google says to “look out” for the new Chromecast version so it’s likely staging in waves. If I do come across a direct link, however, I’ll post it here.