Surface Pro 3 software updated to address Wi-Fi issues, improve battery life


Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft shared details of the latest Surface Pro 3 software update on Tuesday, saying it is now rolling out in stages. Dubbed “System Firmware Update – 7/8/2014” the changes help improve both Wi-Fi stability and the Type Cover trackpad, and show or hide the on-screen keyboard at the appropriate times. The update will also help reduce power consumption while enhancing battery life. Microsoft(s msft) says an additional update will follow next week to “further improve Wi-Fi connection and throughput scenarios.” Some Surface Pro 3 users reported poor Wi-Fi connections in certain circumstances, so these two updates are likely meant to resolve those issues.



We’ve been trying out the device at my company, and the reported problems are real and a major pain. Try walking into an Internet cafe after getting off a flight on the road and not being able to connect to WiFi while your phone does.

And faced with re typing an hours worth of email or searching for a new connection that works for an hour.


Hope these fixes work.

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