AT&T offers LG G Watch at half-price with LG G3 phone

AT&T(s t) is sweetening its pre-order deals for the LG G3 smartphone by offering 50 percent off accessories with purchase. Aside from the LG Quick Circle Folio case and stereo Bluetooth headset, that discount also applies to the LG G Watch. The G Watch purchased directly through the Google(s goog) Play Store at full price is $229, so a G Watch bundled with the G3 smartphone will only cost $114.50.

In a release published Monday, AT&T outlined the details and availability for both products. Starting tomorrow, the G Watch can be ordered while pre-orders start for the G3 phone; presumably the G Watch will ship sooner since it is generally available today. Both can be had in AT&T retail stores on July 11. There are three purchase options for the smartphone: Zero down and no contract for $24.17 a month in the AT&T Next 18 program, zero down and no contract for $29 a month with AT&T Next 12 or $199 with a two-year agreement.

I took an early look at the LG G3 last month, although it was a South Korean model that wasn’t compatible with the cellular networks here in the U.S. Overall, the phone is impressive, boasting a higher resolution 5.5-inch display than competing devices. The Android phone was a solid performer during my limited time with it and takes reasonably good images; LG says it can focus faster than other phones thanks to a laser auto-focus system, but I didn’t see a huge benefit there.

LG G3 featured

I spent even less time with the company’s G Watch, having just a few minutes to use one at Google I/O 2014 last month. I was offered a choice between a loaner G Watch or a Samsung Gear Live at the event and chose the Samsung model mainly because it felt better on my wrist. There is little difference between the two otherwise, save for a larger battery in the G Watch, while the Samsung has an integrated heart rate monitor and different display technology.