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European privacy regulators examine Facebook emotion manipulation study

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Facebook(s fb)’s emotional manipulation study has shocked many people for its apparent breach of research ethics (700,000 subjects had no idea they were being manipulated), and it has raised the alarm among Europe’s privacy regulators too. As The Register first reported on Tuesday (and I confirmed on Wednesday morning), the UK Information Commissioner intends to speak with Facebook about it, and will also be liaising with his Irish counterpart, who has jurisdiction over Facebook’s activities across Europe. The Irish Data Protection Commissioner said he is awaiting a “comprehensive report” from the social network over privacy issues relating to the study, including consent.

One Response to “European privacy regulators examine Facebook emotion manipulation study”

  1. I am flabbergasted that no one but EU regulators are up in arms about FB! I never drank that koolaide but the users just seem to shrug and it amazes me!

    Can the ambivalence of the worlds Zeeple get any more blase??? Does being manipulated mean so little to the masses?