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Report: The expected 5.5-inch iPhone will have better camera hardware than the 4.7-inch model

It’s Apple rumor season! The latest report from Bloomberg said Apple was starting to produce two new models of iPhone, a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch version. How would the two models differ? According to a new report from noted Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo at KGI (via 9to5Mac and AppleInsider), the bigger iPhone’s camera will feature optical image stabilization, as well as other “differentiating features.”

This new report leads credence to the possibility that the two new iPhone models will not be two differently sized versions of the same device, as Apple has done with the iPad and iPad Mini lines. We’re pretty sure Apple is planning a bigger iPhone for this fall, and if Apple wanted to raise the price of its iPhone past the $650 mark it has retailed at for years, a bigger version with extra features would be a good opportunity to do so.

Both models of the iPhone 6 will enter production next month, according to several reports, and will likely be unveiled this fall at an event in September. While the device’s launch date has not been officially announced by Apple, the best guess is currently Friday, September 19, based on communications from German and Chinese carriers.


8 Responses to “Report: The expected 5.5-inch iPhone will have better camera hardware than the 4.7-inch model”

      • Sathish Rao

        Well.. there’re people who buy Galaxy/Nexus/Note etc.. (instead of iPhone) not just because they run Android, but also because they’re big.

      • albertaribe

        Consumer want to make bigger screen for the new iPhone 6 and Apple’s redesign new iPhone as people want. Even most consumer can’t afford to buy the iPhone. Not just like in android phone that cheap price and bigger screen display and lots of free apps.

        I’m one of the million iPhone users to upgrade my iPhone 5S to 4.7 or 5.5 screen display. If this iPhone 6 is better battery life then my iPhone 5S.