Chrome Show: The Google I/O 2014 edition


Credit: Gigaom Illustration

After talking about Google(s goog) I/O for months, the event is finally here and we’re broadcasting from the show floor. Bear with us on the audio quality as there aren’t too many quiet corners for recording podcasts. The monster keynote focused less on Chrome than we expected but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some interesting news. Chrome is getting more notification cards — some of which we already knew about — and there’s a definite interface unification effort between Chrome and Android.

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Hosts: Janko Roettgers and Kevin C. Tofel

Chrome on phone is going to look a lot like Chrome on the desktop

Zero Chrome hardware discussion

Google Now is part of the glue that ties Chrome and Android together even more

Android apps on Chrome.  Sorta, maybe.

Chromecast and Android TV

Chromecast gets personalized content Backdrop

New notifications on Chrome: calls and texts, low battery. Unlock your Chromebook with Android phone.


Mike Baker

1) I think having both of you guys together with the conference in the background made for a very listenable podcast this week.

2) I think we really missed just what a huge day this was for Chrome. Chrome was all I saw. I am one of those with the theory/hope that the future of Chrome is some sort of merger with Android. I’ve been watching hints at this trickle in little by little. But the keynote today really opened the floodgates.
-10X growth for Chrome over last year
-Web pages show up along side recent apps
-The unified design tools for Android apps and mobile web apps.

I think that if you look back you might decide that today was an important milestone for Chrome.

Maybe our Chrome tablet will be viable soon, but I think that’s the domain of the OEMS.

You guys rock

Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks Mike. When you step back and look at what Google announced, you’re right. We had just been bombarded with the information — trying to write as fast as Google was speaking! — so we were focused on all the little pieces we just heard; less the big picture, which you’ve laid out very nicely. :)

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