With Chelsea Handler, Netflix will get its first talk show…in 2016

Netflix (S NFLX) officially confirmed on Thursday that is doing a talk show with comedian and actress Chelsea Handler — but you’ll have to wait a while to see what that show is going to look like, or even how often it will air on the service. Handler won’t go live with her Netflix show until early 2016.

In the meantime, she is doing a stand-up special for Netflix, which will be released on the service in October. Handler will also star in a four-part comedic documentary, in which she’ll explore subjects as broad as “politics” and as specific as the NBA draft, according to a press release. Those four docs will come to Netflix in 2015.

Netflix and Handler apparently haven’t quite made up their mind on details of the talk show, with chief communications officer Jonathan Friedland telling the Wall Street Journal that it might be a weekly show, or might consist of several episodes a week. Unlike with its original dramas, Netflix won’t release all episodes at once, but rather one at a time, and simultaneously in all of its markets.

Of course, Netflix always had a pretty pragmatic take on binge viewing: The company previously decided to release its DreamWorks-produced kids show Turbo in small installments, rather than making an entire season available at once. And in the U.K., it used to carry episodes of Breaking Bad the day after they aired on TV.