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Chrome Show: What. Is. Project. Athena?

Last month, if not prior, the Chromium team started work on Project Athena which looks like a new window manager and interface for Chrome OS. What might that mean, considering some of the changes are for touchscreen devices? We chat about that, a new Chromebook C200 model and new Chromecast apps on this week’s Chrome Show.

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Hosts: Janko Roettgers and Kevin C. Tofel

What. Is. Project. Athena?

Looks like there is a 4 GB version of the Asus Chromebook 200 after all.

Chrome Photos app now imports and uploads photos in the background.

Jolicloud brings its Drive app out of beta, aimed at Chrome and Chrome OS.

TiVo co-founders bring their Qplay video app to Chromecast, sideline own hardware.

Survey says Chromecast usage is down. Really?

Don’t like your Chromebook screen? Maybe — just maybe — you can upgrade it yourself.

Google I/O: Here we come!

App / extension of the week: System

2 Responses to “Chrome Show: What. Is. Project. Athena?”

  1. Wesley Files

    I actually have been using my Chromecast less lately, but I’d tie that directly to selling off my Chromecast remote, an iPod Touch. Most of the video services that support Chromecast through their apps don’t do the same through Chrome (the browser) so I’ve just taken to piping those out through HDMI since performance is better than tab-casting on my lil’ Samsung Series 3 Chromebook.