Cloud storage company Bitcasa is now housing customer data regionally

Streaming storage specialist Bitcasa is now ensuring that customer data is being stored in each region where the customer lives, the company plans to announce today at Structure. This means European customers can sleep soundly at night knowing their data is housed on their continent, and the same goes for residents in other places as well.

Bitcasa is essentially the middleman that sits atop existing cloud infrastructure, whether it be Google’s cloud platform or Amazon Web Services. A user can download Bitcasa’s software and from there, the company encrypts the user’s data as it gets passed over to various cloud servers and then streamed back to the user, thus bypassing the need to do any syncing.

Supposedly, Bitcasa and Apple are the only popular consumer cloud storage providers in which users’ data is being stored regionally, said Bitcasa CEO Brian Taptich.

“With Box or Dropbox, you don’t get that ownership,” said Taptich.

Having the ability to partition data in a specific region of the world is important so that customers can avoid any legal drama that might occur if the industry they are part of happens to be highly regulated, explained Taptich. Additionally, regionalized storage should make sending and retrieving information from the cloud a faster experience.

According to Taptich, 75 percent of the company’s business is outside of the U.S. Given the controversy over the NSA and its spying activities, Taptich said that those companies are hesitant to house their data in the U.S.

The company claims that it holds over 40 petrabytes of data from 140 countries.

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