Look out LG G3, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 tipped to have same screen resolution

The race to pack more pixels into a phone display is on, with the LG G3 out of the blocks first. That phone’s screen is better than full HD, cramming¬†3,686,400 pixels into its 5.5-inch display. Reports indicate that Samsung’s next Galaxy Note will have the same 2560 x 1440 resolution as Samsung races to catch up.

SlashGear noted Monday that Samsung itself has published data on the Galaxy Note 4 that shows the screen resolution for the fourth “phablet” in the Galaxy Note line. Samsung typically refreshes the Note with an announcement in late summer or early fall, so we still have a few months to wait and see what’s new with the Note.

Galaxy Note 3 air command

You can pretty much bet with certainty, however, that it will have one feature that the comparably-screened G3 won’t have: A digital pen. By definition, all products in the Samsung Note include the company’s S-Pen and supporting apps for note-taking, photo annotations and more. That could be an advantage for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 over the G3.

While I originally thought having a phone screen better than 1080p resolution was overkill, some hands-on time with the LG G3 has me reconsidering. Text is super-crisp and video content looks fantastic. As long as all those pixels have a screen large enough to appear on, they can add to the experience.