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Google will reportedly announce “Google Fit,” a health data service, later this month

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Google(s goog) will launch a health-based service called “Google Fit” later this month at its annual I/O developers conference, according to an article published in Forbes on Thursday. The service will collect data from a variety of fitness trackers and apps — which sounds a lot like a competitor to HealthKit, the service Apple announced last week at WWDC.

According to the report, Google Fit is a framework to aggregate biometric data, and there will be partnerships with wearable device makers announced at I/O. The article quotes an unnamed source who said that Google Fit could use a wearable to measure steps or heart rate. I expect two Android Wear devices to get some stage time at I/O: Motorola’s Moto 360 and the LG G Watch. While it’s unclear whether those devices will end up being the fitness trackers Google announces in conjunction with Google Fit, leaks suggest the LG G Watch will have a pedometer and a touch sensor built in.

One of the issues that Google is likely running into is the threat of FDA regulation. There’s a fine line between a consumer product and a medical device that requires medical approval, and Apple has talked to the FDA about how to avoid going through a costly approval process with its own health platform.

Aside from that, details are scarce. But we’ll certainly learn more at Google I/O on June 25 and 26, where Gigaom will be covering whatever Google’s got up its sleeve.

2 Responses to “Google will reportedly announce “Google Fit,” a health data service, later this month”

  1. Laughing_Boy48

    Apple really needs to find some niche where Android won’t follow but I suppose that’s practically impossible to do. I suppose it’s impossible for one platform to have something exclusive that another platform wouldn’t also have. I suppose it just makes sense for platforms to copy one another to stay even. Everyone is announcing health initiatives nearly all at the same time which is somewhat odd. The case that totally different companies are thinking along the same lines at the same time is quite a coincidence.