Doist rolls out Todoist for Business

Doist has announced the immediate availability of Todoist for Business, an enhancement of the popular task management solution.

The differences between Todoist for Business and the baseline Todoist are principally oriented toward enterprise provisioning, with administrative controls for onboard (and deleting) users,centralized billing, and security controls. As the company states on its website,

Todoist for Business offers the following benefits of Todoist:

  • easily add and manage users from one central place with a few clicks,
  • manage payments and invoices in one central place,
  • easily delete users (for example, when an employee leaves the company),
  • limit sharing inside their organization (for example, only make it possible to share projects with others that are part of their organization),
  • easily share projects inside organizations using names instead of typing every colleague’s email (since each user has access to organization’s contact list).

I’ve written about Todoist functionality before (see  Todoist, the small-and-simple task management tool, now supports task sharing with Todoist Next or It isn’t how much time you have, but how you protect it).

The business version works identically, except with the addition of administrative screens, like the one below for managing users:



And the account management screen:


The Bottom Line

I find myself wishing that Doist had added more than just administrative capabilities to Todoist for Business. In particular, I’d like to see these additional features:

Better access to the comments on tasks — Right now users have to access the comments on a task (‘notes’) by clicking on a small notes icon on each task.

Screenshot 2014-06-13 14.45.03

It would be much better if the comments appeared when the task is being edited, and displayed when moused over.

Need real chat — Asynchronous comments are not a replacement for real-time chat. Todoist should support the ability to associated a chat stream with any project or subproject, with system message and updates their as well, such as task creation, task completion, comments added, new members invited/uninvited, as well as chat interaction by  the participants.

I hope they listen!